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JobFinder reduces your job search from days to minutes. With one click JobFinder searches thousands of job sites, millions of jobs, classified ads, and company web sites and then presents matches in one easy-to-manage dashboard.

You can store resumes and quickly reply to any job opening. Even better, JobFinder always keeps searching for your job, even when you are away from your computer and immediately sends a notification whenever new jobs arrive. So you will always be in touch, JobFinder sends notifications of new jobs to your inbox, Blackberry, iPhone, or SmartPhone.


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How to Get and Keep the Job You Love - Interviews Skills For Best Employment

You do not have to be phony to get the job you want. Part of the secret is to want the right employment at the place best suited for you. By "you" is meant the "real you." During the interview you can be your real self as long as the expression of your true self is done in a "Respectfully Real" manner.

Dr. Nerenberg fully explains his new concept of communication, and the concept of being "Respectfully Real." It will change how you approach job interviews; it will change how you are on the job. Actually, it will change your entire life and make you more at ease with yourself and your surroundings.

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